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iPhone vs Android, Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Phone September 29, 2010

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– Should I get an Android or iPhone? Or a Blackberry, or newer Nokia? Or wait a few months for a Windows Phone?

I often get this type of question. The question is tricky and it has no perfect answer, but let me elaborate a little on what I see in the near future development that can be of relevance for a choice today. After all, a smart phone is an expensive tool in your everyday life. All of my reasoning below assumes an unlimited voice and data flat rate price plan.

iPhone is the obvious choice for somebody who has not gotten used to a physical keyboard and who does not communicate too much via text. You must however live with the fact that Apple will decide for you what you will be allowed to do with your phone. Apple has the user experience main focus, and they are masters of it. And make a minor fortune from it, which in the end will come out of your pocket of course. Many people I have met say that iPhone changed their lives, and I can understand them if they come from a life without internet in the phone, which is the normal scenario, especially in the US.

Google Android is a great budget choice with roughly the same purposes as iPhone. However these phones allow you to install applications that will do much more. For example route your outgoing calls. This can be good and bad. It could save you a lot, for example on outgoing international calls with Operator One, but it also allows malicious programmers to call up premium numbers. You also might want to consider that Google controls the platform, and whatever they do tends to go towards identifying what you search for, communicate about, talk about with your friends, just so Google can make even more money off of their money machine “pay per click” ads.

Blackberry is really for people who live their online lives in text based services like e-mail, Twitter, text messaging etc. Just those basic features like efficient copy-paste features. At the same time, this advantage is also the limitation, as the user experience is not quite as obvious. Worth noting is that Blackberry has their unique offer of international data roaming at very reasonable rates, this is possible due to their separate agreements with mobile providers as well as their extreme compression, which also is related to the text based nature of their e-mail application.

Is a Nokia an option? Well, Nokia phones are very nice phones, no doubt about that. They are a sort of mish mash of a BlackBerry and iPhone. But looking forward, can Nokia compete? The big problem for Nokia is in my view that their OVI-store to download apps isn’t not too exiting, and I believe the main reason is that there simply are too many different kinds of Nokia’s to choose from and the apps don’t work too great on all types of phone. The many phone models are a direct consequence of being the biggest player in the market. The size however is also the asset for Nokia, and once they figure out a way forward, I believe they will be able to beat Apple and Google in many market segments.

Windows Phone looks like a great alternative so far and Microsoft has truly understood their failure in the past. The next month will reveal how well they have learned their lessons. The main advantage is of course the native integration with Exchange, so for business users it is an obvious choice.

Personally my next phone is probably an advanced Android from Sony Ericsson or HTC, but tempted to get a Nokia E7 or Windows Phone.



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